Sunday, 19 July 2015

Week 29, 2015 - Long Raya weekend

In an attempt to beat the traffic jam out of KL, people have started their leave on Monday, only to find that other people had beat them to it; the traffic congestion out of town started since the previous weekend. 

Most of the roads are quiet, but can't say the same for the malls. Most of the immigrant workforce (as usual) descended upon KLCC, taking pictures with the various store displays which literally slows people down as they have to go around them or risk photobombing. 
  • Scored a pair of free Skechers from the second home store relocation event on Saturday, which is great because had been meaning to get new ones since my current pair of North Face sneakers are no longer fun to wear :( Definitely worth waking up at 8 am on a Saturday for, I thought.
  • Also found out that a MUJI is opening in the second home - yay! 
  • Not too surprised Robbie Williams cancelled his SEA tour. Lucky hadn't bought a ticket or anything. 
  • Finally did the Shopback cashout (almost RM50) this week, but since I did it before the long holiday, I guess I'll have to wait for the notification email since I'm expecting it to come through PayPal. 
  • Got erm, new, old phone, whee! 
  • Still reading: Neil Humphreys's Saving a Sexier Island. But at least am halfway through.