Saturday, 4 July 2015

One Mic Stand: The Food Show

One Mic Stand is the standing weekly open mic show happening at the Cabaret space in Jaya One on Tuesday nights. When they announced on their social media that this week's show was going to be food themed, I figured why not, it's a good time as any. Also, I needed a way to unwind for the long drive the next day (future post!). 

Tickets can be bought online, but had no problems getting a last minute ticket at the door beforehand. Had dessert at Salt n Koffie Gallery downstairs (they have a 20% discount on cakes on Tuesdays).

Fudgiest dark chocolate cake ever - macam brownie!
Really good -  comes with scoop of Sangkaya coconut ice cream on top with two types of drizzle. Mmm.... 
As it's right below the Cabaret space, I could still use their Wi-Fi upstairs. The place was about 80% filled with actual audience members and not just the open mikers waiting their turn. 

Because it was the food-themed show, I laughed my head off when Brian Tan (as Chairman Baga, a take on Iron Chef's Chairman Kaga) came on stage to the Iron Chef theme music (yep, I just dated myself). His "secret ingredient"? Two packs of curry-flavoured Maggi, which the open mikers must incorporate (haha) into their set. 

For RM15.90 (after GST), you really can't expect much. The open mike-rs did okay, considering. Even the Singaporeans that went up. There's also a 10 minute breather after the first few performers (which I spent in Stickerrific store/cafe next door). Can totally get why they got Sulaiman Azmil to headline/close the show. 

That said, if you have some time to kill on Tuesday nights, you can always go check it out.