Sunday, 19 July 2015

How I Scored a Free Pair of Skechers

Saw the post on social media about the event at the newly relocated Skechers store in the second home happening on both Saturday and Sunday - first 100 barefoot people in line at the store over the two days get to go away with either free pair of shoes, discount vouchers, socks ("one can never have enough socks", to quote Dumbledore) or water bottle. 1 in a 100 of getting something, but only 10% chance of getting the shoes.

We have relocate our Skechers 1Utama store with new concept to serve you better. The store opens this Wednesday, 15 July...
Posted by SKECHERS on Sunday, 12 July 2015

Figured since I needed a new pair of shoes (current North Face pair was getting uncomfortable), had nothing better to do, and it was going to be at the second home, I figured why not. I kinda did my prep: I went to check the available designs at a different store (Pavilion, since I was already in the vicinity and it's a so-called "concept" store) and drove the sales people batty with me trying on different designs in different sizes (it's not my fault that my feet are larger than average and they only have shoes 2 sizes smaller on the shelves) due to the different silhouettes.

Having read the PDF they uploaded on the site, I already knew going in that only 10 pairs of shoes will be given out. I was telling myself that I would be okay with (at the very least) one of the discount vouchers (50% or 30%), but if free also better lah

Woke up around 8 something, got there about 9.45 a.m. (free parking, phew), only to be at the back of THIS line... which one of the guys behind me later thought was only 20 something people, which is not too bad, but don't really want to know what time the first people (either two young girls on their own, or an entire family, plus grandma) in line got there. And yes, most people were barefoot, myself included.

At some point, the security kinda gestured everyone not standing in front of the store to move and finally roped people in line so we weren't blocking the neighbouring stores. In my confusion, I accidentally ended up in the second line in front of the store (whoops) while the ladies with clipboards was getting everyone's details in the forms and giving out the ballot/lucky draw numbers, but not before showing them proof that you either liked their Facebook page or followed them on Instagram. Let's just say my number was in the late 20s. 

After waiting for almost an hour after registration while they set things up, they finally kicked things off (I can't be the only one who's glad they decided to start about 15 minutes before 11 a.m.) and started the draw. 

The first pair of shoes went to a young Malay dude who was dressed head to toe in red baju Melayu (it was the second day of Raya, and the ladies thought it was very "ong"). The ladies running the draw were smart in spreading out the free shoes (since there were only 10), in between the socks (25), bottles (25), and discount vouchers (15 half off discount vouchers, and 25 30% discount vouchers). 

While all this was happening, I was thinking to myself, "voucher also can, but free shoes better" like you do if you ever heard of The Secret or the Law of Attraction, if you're not religious (prayer without deity involvement)). I literally was just listening out for my number to be called (I had committed it to memory and stashed the small square of paper in my wallet).

There were about less than 20 numbers left in the box, and suddenly, while they were drawing the number for the free shoes, they called my number! I don't know what I said when I realised it was my number they called. I went over, showed them my number and signed against my details on the form I filled out earlier.

If I wanted to pick the most expensive ones, I would've gone with the Shape Ups, but having worn them before, I wasn't exactly looking to get another pair. Took me longer than expected to make my final decision and GTFO out of the store, mostly cos of indecision, the sales people were busy with everyone else and the whole place was kecoh, and the checkout line was also unusually slow. Was also getting a little hangry by the time I was done.