Sunday, 5 July 2015

Driving the Gua Musang Highway

A childhood friend of Dad's passed suddenly in Machang and instead of flying and renting a car and what not, thought it would be a better idea to DRIVE so that it would be easier to get around. Since he can't exactly drive long distance cos he's getting old, guess who had to drive >.< 

According to Google, the shortest route to Kelantan is the Gua Musang Highway (or Federal Route 8) at about 400 odd kilometres, compared to other routes (via Terengganu or Perak). 

Now that I survived driving most of the route TO AND FRO, here's what I picked up from the experience: 
  1. Fuel up before you embark, because petrol stations are literally few and far in between once you leave Bentong or Kuala Lipis, as you drive through the jungle and up and down the mountains. 
  2. Most of the route is pretty dark and has no streetlights, and even if there were, they're probably not working. Best to travel while it's still bright out. That, and because it's creepy dark at night, the roadside stalls won't be open anyway. (Least Mum managed to stock up on her petai on the way back).
  3. Because it's an old trunk road - loads of timber lorries on mostly two lane roads through said jungles and mountains with the occasional third lane for overtaking. 
  4. Had no idea there was the Central Spine Road, but I don't think it's finished yet. Also don't see any work being done. Dunno if it being Ramadhan had anything to do with that... 
  5. Even Waze craps out in some areas.