Thursday, 23 July 2015


Haven't been to the movies since the last Avengers movie, which was over a couple of months ago. Bought a ticket to the 7.45 p.m. screening knowing that it's almost 2 hours long.

I have heard of Ant-Man in passing over the years, but the last time I checked, I don't think there was a cartoon series, no? So yeah, that's my excuse. Well okay, I wasn't the only one that thought Ant-Man as a hero was a bit the weird lah, even as a concept, as someone who spends way too much time dealing with ants in the house.. 
  • Shouldn't have bothered to line up for snacks at the concession - I totally missed seeing the opening scene with de-aged Michael Douglas (not hard I suppose, considering they have plenty of reference footage), GAH! By the time I went in, all I saw was Paul Rudd working at Baskin-Robbins.
  • Baskin Robbins got pay money or not one?
  • So they could't age Dominic Cooper enough to play Howard Stark, or was it because Slattery was free to do it? If you thought having two guys play Quicksilver in the MCU was confusing... 
  • Michael Douglas is the king of manspreading. I also keep forgetting that he's in his seventies now. 
  • Okay, Michael Pena was funny, but not THAT funny. Ridonk would be the word I'd use. 
  • I can't be the only one that had to remind themselves that it's Evangeline Lilly and not Liv Tyler...?
  • You have to like how a middle aged white guy gets reduced to a pile of pus and blood...?
  • Those poor sheep...
  • Bald guy = baddie, unless of course it's an X-Men movie.  
  • La Cucaracha still cracks me, especially as a car horn.
  • RIP, Ant-ony. 
  • Who knew T.I the rapper can be so hilarious?
  • Anyone else recognised the voice of the toy rabbit the kid got? It's the voice of Spongebob!
  • This is way too much information about the Gi-Ant. But hilarious when the kid feeds it under the table like one would a dog. How is the mother not icked out?
  • Was wondering if I had missed the Stan Lee cameo, and glad to say that I didn't. Still cracks me up every time he pops up. 
  • Was kind of hoping Hope's mother would pop up someplace in the Quantum Realm.
If you didn't already know - stay for the stinger. If you're creeped out by ants, proceed with caution.