Sunday, 14 June 2015

Week 24, 2015

Another week of people having their sensitivities "offended" for no good reason at all.
  • They can only make child car seats mandatory in Malaysia in 2019 and not in the immediate future because they want to work some kinks out and what not. As a non-breeder, it doesn't affect me, but am all for it. But you just wait - people are gonna ask for subsidised car seats or something, especially those with multiple small children, because car seats are not cheap. Imagine the multiple car seats in a Viva, MyVi or similar sized compact car... O.o 
  • Okay, I admit I also didn't know that Texas Chicken is known as Church's Chicken in the States, but the story of the guy who thought the nugget dip (which had the word "Church's" on it) might accidentally turn Muslims into Christians (or something to that effect) is just *smh* sad but also laugh-die-me hilarious ... even if it took the guy took a bit long to finally apologise about that on Texas Chicken Malaysia's Facebook page. If nothing else, I give the team who runs their Facebook page props for being so professional about the matter (their explanation of how Church was the founder's name and nothing to do with places of worship was pretty clear). It's like Hardee's and Carl's Jr lah, I guess :P
  • Caught Time Out KL's Sick and Twisted comedy show on Friday night.
  • RIP, Sir Christopher Lee.
  • All Saints are reunited for the current BSB tour. Talk about 90s overload...