Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sick & Twisted, by Time Out KL Comedy

I know of the monthly comedy Thursdays Time Out KL, but since it's downtown I'm just too lazy to go check it out. Not by myself, anyway. So when this happened, I jumped on it. 
After a successful first run in 2012, 'Sick & Twisted' is back at Black Box for one night of unadulterated humour. Hosted by Prakash Daniel, comedians Phoon Chi Ho, Thenesh Skip, Sim Tong, Justin Heyes and Keren Bala have something dangerous up their sleeve and they're not afraid to use it. You have been warned.
Getting a ticket wasn't hard once they announced on Facebook that it's up. I have to like that I didn't have to print anything out and that all I needed to do was give them my name at the door. Instead of an actual ticket, they just hand stamped everyone. I was early by Malaysian standards for the hand stamp, but by the time I decided to get a drink and got back from the restrooms, people started to pour in and I nearly didn't get a good seat. When in doubt, go for split level to avoid sitting behind giraffes. 

Had to lower the camera exposure for this, otherwise it's just a bright light
In true Malaysian fashion, the show only started 25 minutes later. Host Prakash was a riot. Thenesh and Sim made up the first half of the show. Thenesh's set I'm familiar with (it's mostly about porn, I'll just say it), Sim's set was mostly about animal facts, specifically animal masturbation facts. He did try to get political, but people weren't having it. But he did throw in some dad humour in between. 

In a show with this many comedians, a breather is needed, so a 10 minute break. I've sat through entire plays without intermissions, but okay... so I finished the cheesecake I got from Ben's Bake Shop downstairs (yep, I was that weirdo). 

Second half was Keren Bala Devan, who probably was the only one who made me laugh-cry when he came on and ranted about Bruno Mars (someone in the audience mentioned he liked Bruno Mars in the first half) and his market spoiling song Grenade, because I also have beef with that song. He was pretty much his angry persona, not unlike Lewis Black. 

Justin Heyes's (who's the only one I've not seen) set was about his domestic life (being in a interracial marriage with nine cats), etc. Most of Chi Ho's set I've already heard (from this year's MACC), but with more harsh language thrown in. 

I know my memory of events is pretty deteriorated - this is why I blog about these things before I go to bed, not sleep on it. This is why I don't sleep on it. 

As far as whether the sets was in line with the theme (Sick and Twisted)... I would say maybe? But porn and the f-word is just... well.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Show ended around 11 something, and with the road works and diversions, it took me longer to get home, making me wish I had taken an Uber instead... :P