Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review: Dear Kate Underwear

Been hearing about Dear Kate for some time, but had resisted until a pretty good coupon code (25% off instead of the usual 20%) and that they were going to raise the minimum for international orders (which at the time was US$100 I think, now it's US$175). Admittedly they're expensive for underwear, even after converting it to RM. And just because they're called menstrual underwear doesn't mean that you wear them  alone; you wear these as well as your pads or tampons while on your period to catch any erm, runoff (which happens, amiright?).

What I liked browsing the site was that they don't use professional skinny bitch models but they use real women to model the wares. They also have a plus-sized line (the "Queen" line). You can shop by cut, occasion, or by lining.

They have thong, brief (granny panty) and hipster cuts and two different linings (mini for everyday, full for sleep and heavy flow). Size is based on your actual pant size or hip measurements. Tried to get different cuts and linings for different situations, and ended up with Amelia Hipster Full, Ada Brief Mini, Hazel Sport Hipster Mini, and Ada Hipster Full. Well okay, I didn't want to get thongs, but you get the drift. 

Shipping was okay: Got an email with the tracking number and I got my order within two weeks, delivered (locally) by Poslaju. Because it was too big to fit into the mail slot, the Poslaju guy stuffed it into the blue mail box meant for the police (I saw on the tracking site that it was "delivered" - so figured to look there from last time) under the mail slot and saved myself a trip to the local Poslaju office.

Size-wise, I followed the size chart and went with my usual pant size. Thankfully, they all fit so I didn't have to do any long distance returns. They're also pretty comfy for the price paid.

Cute packaging
Blue Ada Hipster (full lining)- Thankfully, not too high. Been wearing these at night because of the full lining. 

Black Hazel Hipster (mini lining) - No lace, so it's less frou-frou and something for everyday. No complaints.

Beige Ada Brief (mini lining) - I probably shouldn't have bothered with the brief cut, because with the lace trim, it went up past my belly button, which I'm not sure if it's by design, or if I'm short-waisted or something. 

Black Amelia Hipster (full lining) - Not bad, not too high. Also mostly wear this to sleep too. 

Whatever colour underpants you decide, they all have the same black lining, so if you're weird about colour clashing underwear, you could just go with black. I usually hand wash underpants (even though you could toss these in the machine, but it's a bit gross lah), and washing these is not that hard: since you can't see the blood in the lining, you just got to keep flushing it with water until it runs clear (the lining is stain releasing hor). Usual powder detergent work, and the ladies' detergent from Daiso is both cheap and efficient. 

All in all, I really like Dear Kate, and I have no regrets getting them, though I prefer the hipster cut as a personal preference. If the RM wasn't so crappy right now, I probably wouldn't mind ordering these again (especially the new Nellie collection, modelled by the lady hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You), but $175 is a bit tough unless you share the cost with other people or buy a set and then something else because one can never have enough underwear for the time of the month.  Also, there are period underwear available closer to home for cheaper. Just saying.

I also have a referral code that you can use at Dear Kate: Click here for $15 off your order! 

I didn't review these sooner even though I got them mid-February because I felt that I needed to test them properly.