Sunday, 24 May 2015

Week 21, 2015

  • There's a musical about LKY happening in Singapore soon. 
  • Letterman's last week of shows. 
  • Stumbled into folks lining up for free cheesecake in the newly opened Uncle Tetsu in Pavilion yesterday that went around the escalators and about halfway into the food court. Between having to wait 20 minutes for each batch of cheesecakes to be baked and the long line, I didn't' bother. 
  • Finally checked out a couple places this week: the banana leaf rice at the Universiti Malaya Academic Club and also Every Sundae in DU. 
  • Also finally checked out the Gila Gila retrospective exhibition in the Petronas gallery in KLCC. 
  • Bon Jovi coming to KL in September. Hmm. 
  • The Yusof Taiyoob season is upon us.