Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Review: The Naked Lunchbox

There's been a whole lot of clean eating meal delivery services that's popped up in the last few months, but most of them don't exactly deliver to my neck of the woods. The Naked Lunchbox had a limited time Samsung Galaxy Life promo where you can get RM2 off the Galaxy Box meal, which I finally redeemed on the very last day before the long Labour Day weekend, for delivery the following Tuesday. 

Ordering: After you sign up for an account, you order, choose your delivery day, enter your details like phone number and delivery address, and after you submit all these, you wait for the confirmation email. 

Payment: Once your order and delivery slot is confirmed on their end, you get an email with payment instructions to their Public Bank account, which wasn't a big deal because I still had my old Public Bank account that won't take days for payment to go through. Call me lazy, but I much rather pay with PayPal, but I read someplace that the merchant fees are not worth it? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

There's a RM5 delivery fee for orders in PJ, but that's waived with a RM36 minimum spend, so I topped up the order with 2 of the Paleo Caesar salads (RM13 each, RM25 for two) that I've been wanting to try for the longest time. 

Delivery: Got my order pretty quickly; they arrived a little after 11 a.m., so no complaints there. 

Next day Paleo Caesar salad
Sold one of the Paleo Caesar salads to the sibling at a loss, because I know that I won't be finishing all three salads in a timely manner. So I had the Galaxy Box salad on the day I got it and the other Paleo Caesar salad the following day after a night in the office fridge. 

Galaxy Box (Green leaf lettuce, red grapes, raisins, pulled oven baked chicken, rawmesan 'cheese' w/ milky way coconut milk cilantro dressing): Don't hate it as a whole, but because of my aversion to greens typically used as garnish (spring onions, etc), the dressing is not for me. 

Paleo Caesar (Green leaf lettuce, egg, rawmesan 'cheese', pulled oven baked chicken w/cheeseless caesar dressing): It's a good attempt at a healthier Caesar salad, but without the garlic and anchovies, the aroma and the taste is just not there. If nothing else, it's a Caesar salad you can definitely eat in the office.

I appreciated that the containers appear to be the degradable type. Portion wise, it's not too huge that I get sick of it, nor is it too small, though it might not be sufficient if you're used to bigger portions.