Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lagi-Lagi Gila Gila exhibition, Galeri Petronas

Gila Gila is, let's face it, the Malaysian MAD magazine, right down to the margin drawings. I read Gila Gila when I was in primary school, but stopped because the smell of the paper was giving me headaches (I'm not kidding). It's one of those magazines you have to read out loud because a lot of the humour is delivered in non-standard BM. Perhaps that was just me. 

I jumped ship when one of their (former) cartoonists Ujang left and started his own eponymous magazine, and I read that for a few years too (at least that one didn't give me headaches). I think I still have a Raya bumper issue (which is their big one, like Vogue's September issue) someplace...  

So when the exhibition was announced, I knew I had to go check it out.

The drawing was on point, haha.
If you've never been to the gallery before: entrance is free, but you got to fill out the guest book. That's it. While I was filling out the guest book, I had noticed that a lot of people before me were first timers (there's a column in there asking if it's your first time there or not). It's also closed on Mondays and holidays like Raya and Aidiladha, so don't make that same mistake I did.

In all my years of dropping by this gallery in passing, this is the busiest I've ever seen the place. I'm not joking. I wasn't even sure if Gila Gila is still around after all these years, but clearly the appeal is still there among the target demographic. 

According to the schedule in the programme, I had missed Ujang's appearance by a couple of weeks. But Tarzidi was there, and was working on something when I came in, and was done by the time I was done with the exhibit. 

Cartoonist Tarzidi
As it's not a permanent exhibition (until 15th July), visitors are encouraged to take pictures and post it on their social media. With all the things to see and read (the magazine's been around since 1978, there's a lot to go through), it took me almost an hour to take it all in. Most of the other visitors were Malay, with the odd foreigner or two in the mix. I saw a guy who I thought looked a bit like Zachary Quinto, haha. 

From Taiping with Love. Not sure when Mon is in this scenario..
When I saw the From Taiping with Love exhibit, I didn't know that the one of the kids were actually the female protagonist Mon's younger sister and not the couple's kid like I thought when I was younger as a chaperon of sorts. The series is about a courting couple from Taiping who goes dating around Taiping? 

Yes, the kapcai is real, but no, you can't sit on it.
Ujang and his puerile Atok
The elephant is a cutout.
Tiga Dara Pingitan
There was this makcik who was busy taking pictures with the cutouts and getting her kid to help her take the pictures as well as the selfies. Heh heh.

This made me want to hunt down the magazine again, which would entail going to an actual mamak-run bookshop or something because I don't know where else to find it these days...? 

Anyway, if you're ever in KLCC and have some time to kill, go check it out :)