Thursday, 28 May 2015

First Impressions: Atria Shopping Gallery

If you grew up in PJ in the 90s and in the early aughts, Atria was pretty happening for its time as a neighbourhood mall. We all mourned the demolition of its previous incarnation, but it was time lah. I can't be the only one that was excited about the tenant list of the reincarnated Atria Shopping Gallery

As a mall rat, I ordinarily wouldn't go to a new mall on its first day of (soft) launch, from previous experience of going to newly opened malls. But the sibling wanted to go and I thought I just go along since I wouldn't have to drive... 

Parking: Free at the moment, otherwise it's RM2 for the first couple of hours on weekdays and RM1 for the first two hours on weekends and holidays. Subsequent hour is RM2 all week. All the more reason to go there on weekends than weekdays, which is the reverse trend from other malls where the weekend parking rates are more expensive than the weekday rates. If nothing else, they seem to have more ladies parking down in the basement. There's also family and disabled parking spots too. Of course if you're that cheap, there's also street parking... but only for evenings and weekends. Never during banking hours. 

Here's what they're using as floor markers... Which came in handy when we couldn't find the car and I remembered us laughing about the animals earlier :P 

So far... Still a little dusty and you can definitely smell the paint and plaster in some areas, but at least the air conditioning works. At least half the tenants are already up and running with the rest still undergoing construction and what not. Some of the outlets are opening gradually over the weekend.

Other random thoughts...
  • My bro's glad that there's now a Daiso closer to home. 
  • I'm glad that there's a Village Grocer, and cafes like Swich and Antipoedian which I wouldn't have gone because I'm lazy like that.
  • Was Dave's Deli ever in Atria, or was that just my imagination? Anyway, glad it's back.
  • I'm not sure a preschool in the mall is such a great idea...?
There's a couple other shopping places opening this weekend: Sunway Putra Mall (formerly The Mall) and Mitsui Outlet Park near KLIA. Personally I would rather go to Mitsui, but I don't know about going there by myself...