Friday, 22 May 2015

Banana leaf rice at University of Malaya Academic Club

Read about this place on Time Out KL and The Malay Mail online, and finally found a time to go there for lunch. It's across the road from UM and MAHSA. As it's in one of the older neighbourhoods in PJ, the roads are narrower and be careful when parking along the road side (in case there's no parking on the grounds). 

If you see this, you've made it.
When you walk up...
Alfresco dining area

The spread - not sure what to do with the stuff on the right side: to mix with everything else, or what?
You get to choose either plain rice or "Indian rice" (parboiled rice). Water is free and self service. Personally I could do without the bean sprout dish, but everything else I'm okay with. We also ordered some mutton varuval (RM9) and fried veg (RM3, so-so taste; I say veg because I wasn't entirely sure what gourd it was). As far as the basic 5 dish banana leaf rice goes, RM5 is not too bad or expensive, especially in PJ. Tuesdays and Fridays is when they have seven dishes for RM1 more. The rasam I also enjoyed.

While paying, we were told that Sunday is when they have seafood on the menu. If you want a change of scenery (literally) with ye olde banana leaf rice meal and if you're ever in the area... I probably would go back to try the seafood and/or the extra two dishes on Tuesday or Friday.