Monday, 4 May 2015

Backstreet Boys In A World Like This Tour, Stadium Negara

Ten years after I pretty much stopped giving a crap, the Backstreet Boys made good on their promise and came back to do a full fledged concert. It's just as well because there's no way I (or most of the attendees, for that matter) could afford these ticket prices when we were teenagers. 

To appease my teenage self, I got myself a cheapo, free seating nosebleed area ticket days after the initial sales furore died down. I went there alone, but managed to catch up afters with some former collegemates who flew in specifically for the concert (one on her solo babymoon), indulged and got the more expensive seating than yours truly. Sat next to this group of chicks who found my snucked in (cargo shorts people, cargo shorts!), partially filled Platypus bottle ingenious. 

It's also been three years since the last trip down to the Stadium Negara. Took the scenic route from the KL Sentral LRT station to the monorail station that is Nu Sentral mall. More expensive compared to changing at the Masjid Jamek interchange option, I must say. 

Of course by the time I got to the stadium, the usual "side walk turned parking lot" situation happened (what part of "take public transport" that people don't seem to understand?). I hope the cops had fun issuing summonses to all those cars. Didn't help that there were a lot of stalls selling pretend merch on what's left of the sidewalk made the trek that much more annoying. This time I managed to get me some more Nathan's Famous hot dogs and a lemonade to wash it all down with. While eating it all outside, I saw a number of pregnant ladies and also one in crutches. Talk about dedication.

Now here are my complaints:
  1. The leaky roof. It started to rain heavily outside and those of us in the Category 5 (read: cheapo) seats on the right side felt it. Had to break out a disposable poncho I had packed. Fortunately the organisers also gave out free disposable ponchos when the show ended as everyone was leaving, so I took one as a replacement. 
  2. The asshole merchants that clogged up Jalan Hang Jebat had already started up shop/selling their wares on that ONE narrow road to the stadium as everyone was leaving, making it damn difficult to leave. Luckily there wasn't a fire or what. 
While waiting for the show to start (at 8.45p.m., by the way - I called it!), I was busy kvetching about the wait and also the opening act DJ with someone else also at the concert (different section) on Facebook Chat while on also on Whatsapp with other people. (It's a good thing I brought a powerbank). At least it was just a DJ and not another band, which would add at least another hour for them to set up and take down the equipment. 

In case anyone was wondering, here's the view from where I was seated.

And here's the view some of my friends got from floor level...

And of course, the obligatory setlist...

Backstreet Boys Setlist Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2015, In a World Like This Tour
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Most of the attendees (90% female?) were probably around the same age, and are probably lapsed fans (well, me and the chick I sat next to anyway) were bored through the new stuff and went cray cray over the old. 

Now I can finally cross this off ye olde concert bucket list (even though they're not technically an item on said list).