Monday, 6 April 2015

Taste Test: Brand Castle In The Mix Candy Cane Brownie Kit

Bought a couple boxes of Brand Castle Candy Cane Brownie mix as they were on clearance at RM5 a box in Cold Storage back in December. 

Add a festive touch to warm, delicious brownies! Contains brownie mix, vanilla frosting mix, and peppermint crunch. Makes 8 - 12 brownies.

Finally opened one over the weekend. Instructions were pretty straightforward. Glad they have instructions for fudgier brownies (don't get me started on cake-y brownies), which I went with.

Brownies: I burned the top of the brownies probably because I preheated the oven way too long when I chucked the pan in. Mum noticed the smoke coming from the oven (I was in the bathroom) and I got it out toot suite. Didn't really need to check the done-ness since they were barely an inch thick (I wanted fudgy, not cakey), but I had to make sure. Tasted fine. 

Frosting: Way too much work, having to cream the butter (unsalted, duh), deal with the icing sugar, etc. Just as well that they included sweet ass frosting to cover up the burn. The brownies by themselves were also not too sweet, which I guess that's where the frosting comes in. Also came out a bit too yellow and not frosty white like on the packaging. It can't be due to too much butter, I would think. 

Only had corn and rice flour in the house instead of plain flour (for the buttering and flouring of the pan), so I substituted with corn flour there and it was fine. Also covered the pan in foil before I butter-ed and flour-ed it for easy removal and clean up. Anyway, burnt brownies and too-sweet frosting is not gonna stop me and the sibling from finishing the batch (16 pieces with six cuts) over the next few days. Methinks next time I'll just leave the frosting out with the next box :P

I wouldn't have paid full price for this, but I probably won't buy this if I ever see it again on the clearance shelf.