Saturday, 11 April 2015

Russell Peters Almost Famous World Tour

The last time Russell Peters came to Malaysia, I couldn't go because I knew I would be out of town that weekend. But this time I got in on the "fan" presale action and got myself the best seat I could the cheapest I could get it. (I'm not a huge enough fan to want to pay so much to have him talk to me). 

Anyway, drove down despite the Uber promo (which went into surge by the time I wanted to leave) and found parking somewhere on the perimeter of the Shah Alam stadium closest to the smaller Malawati stadium. (Okay, I was just following some of the other cars and not Waze instructions, or else it would've taken me forever to get in and out of the designated parking areas)

Food situation outside was just... long lines everywhere and some of the vendors ran out of some (if not all) of their food. The lines were also pretty long at the portajohns. Basically there wasn't enough food vendors for everyone, I think. Despite having had dinner at home, I wanted some Nathan's hot dogs but I really can't deal with the line. If nothing else, at least people were lining up for their food and not bumrushing it. Also saw that tee shirts were going for RM80, in case anyone wanted to know. 

Skipped the food when I saw this... O.o
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I saw why there were still so many people still outside - most of the cheaper seating all had to go through this ONE entrance -_-" You would think they would open more entrances for the hoi polloi in case of an emergency (lucky there wasn't a fire or what). This lady was nice enough to let me in in front of her who didn't seem to know that the bag checks were not just for cameras, but also stuff like water bottles (which she had on her). I told her to just stuff it in her bag, out of sight because they only take cursory looks, and left her to deal with her bottle as I went through the bag check in one piece (brought my camera in its pouch, but never took it out).

Found my nosebleed seat quickly, but was seated next to this weirdo guy who took his shoes off and was barefoot for most of the show and doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal boundaries. I was less than a couple feet away (pun intended) from this guy's feet. He also reminded me of my awkward cousin. 

While people were getting situated inside, there was an actual DJ spinning records (DJ Spinbad) for quite a while before opening act Gregg Rogell came on around 8.50 p.m. and did 30 minutes. Pretty funny set.

View from my nosebleed seat - it wasn't obstructed, and I could put my feet up on the railing
Didn't have to wait too long before Russell Peters finally came on and did almost 90 minutes? Like what I heard and read, some of that time was spent interacting with the people who paid the RM500 for him to make fun of them.  

When he took his final bow, I high tailed it out of there before the congestion started and was home pretty quickly. 

The good: The comedy, thank goodness.

The bad: Everything else - traffic management, not enough food vendors (and the lack of preparation on their part because some sold out quickly), crowd management for attendance of this scale was abysmal - three seating classes having to go through a single entrance. The event planning was pretty horrible. And this wasn't the first time Russell Peters performed at this very stadium. Next time just tukar venue saja lah.

(Have since read complaints online about how people on the sides couldn't see the huge screens or hear anything at the nosebleed levels)