Thursday, 30 April 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Didn't really have high expectations going in to Avengers: Age of Ultron, but definitely excited about James Spader's role in this movie as the big bad. 

Knowing that it's over two and half hours long, I caught the 8.10 p.m. screening at the second home GSC. After the ads and trailers, the movie started around 8.20 p.m., perhaps? Also surprised to have lasted the entire movie without having to go to the bathroom (but if you do, check out the RunPee app)
  • Was I the only one awed by the design of Strucker's monocle and how well it stuck to his face? *thumbs up*
  • After years of (just kidding) phoning it in as JARVIS, it's nice to see Paul Bettany in humanoid form as Vision. That was really him, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, does he get a bump in pay or not, since he only came in the third act... And the line in his final confrontation with Ultron: "Well, I was born yesterday..." cracked me up. 
  • Hey, that's Andy Serkis... at long last in his own skin in a movie.
  • It's still funny when they make fun of Capt America for being old and/or old fashioned...
  • I like how they explained how Capt never seems to lose his frisbee, erm, shield...
  • LOL-ed at the suit named "Veronica". Oh well. 
  • Nice mind control callback in the previous movie by Hawkeye, haha. 
  • Laughed my head off every time I see Elizabeth Olsen in this movie; she told the same story on the talk show circuit about how she was the only one without fight training or a stunt double, but had worked with a dancer on her movement in the movie. Um, right.  
  • Thor's mild freakout about someone else being able to lift Mj√∂lnir was hilarious, more so when Vision so casually handed it over to him and says, "Let's go". 
  • The hammer lifting scene was stupid hilarious - like when Tony and Rhodey doing it together with their armour on.
  • So if Stark builds Pepper a farm to live in, will it be called Pepper Ridge? 
  • Thor - not just God of Thunder, but also walking power bank. 
  • Stark addressing the John Deere truck "Hey dear" stupidly cracked me up. 
  • When Pietro died, I was about as upset as when the world found out that Cedric Diggory died in Goblet of Fire - a bit the big fucking whoop.
  • If you've seen James Spader in Boston Legal and The Blacklist, you pretty much get the gist already of what Ultron was like - smarmy, mildly creepy robot James Spader. 
Action and funny quips aside, I thought it was just okay.