Sunday, 22 March 2015

Week 12, 2015

Finally got a second medical opinion and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection, and finally prescribed some antibiotics (it's been a few weeks already, the no antibiotics ship is long gone). At the moment I feel more like myself. From all this I also learned that me taking second generation antihistamines (Zyrtec, Clarinase, etc) is as if I hadn't had anything - I still have to deal with congestion and producing more snot won tons. Methinks I'll stick to first generation stuff, especially for sleep :P

Weather still hot as balls even at night, but there's been some rain lately. Just not enough. 
  • Won the most auntie thing one could ever win in a magazine contest: A 6L Tefal stew pot. 
  • Cupcarons. Mmm.
  • Now when I hear the name of the new airline, Flymojo, "MOJO JOJO!" comes to mind. Damn, that's an old Powerpuff Girls reference.
  • Cheng Beng has started a little early this year :P 
  • After a long absence, I finally went back to KL Alternative Bookfest + Arts for Grabs happening at Dataran Underground this weekend. 
  • Also finally checked out KL City Gallery. 
  • First it's double digit soft serve ice cream, now it's RM20 - RM30 dessert toast? Seriously?!
  • Anyone getting the 1Malaysia SIM card? Or the ChatSIM?
  • Finally got my Headgehog in the mail this week - yay!