Monday, 23 March 2015

Heard about on BFM (podcast) some weeks ago. What is it? is an online platform that helps diners save money and time when booking great restaurants online.

How does it work?

All restaurants usually have peak hour and off-peak hour with empty tables at various times. works with these restaurants to provide special discount across various operating hours therefore creating a win-win situation for you and the restaurant owner.

Basically, the establishments get some business in their off peak hours and you get to dine at a discount. 

So what the heck - I signed up using Facebook Connect (of course you can also go conventional and use the email and password, but really, do you need another login to remember?) and searched for some places to bookmark (the "Hotlist") for future use. Just pick a date, time and number of diners when you make a booking. You get a confirmation email pretty quickly, and you show that to the merchant upon arrival. Just read the T&C and find out what the applicable hours are so that you won't be disappointed. They also have a FFK clause - meaning that your account will be suspended if you don't show up for your bookings.

This is great if you tend to dine outside of peak hours. Of course some places have their offpeak discount pretty much all day, but it depends. 

I've made some bookings with a few of the merchants on there and so far, so good. No major problems. That said, I've only used this with cafes and quick service places and not sit-down restaurants.

Still not too many eateries on there yet because it's still early days, so I wish the peeps at Offpeak all the best.

PS. The phone app is now available (on both Android and iOS) so that you can browse or make bookings when you're out and about! Yay!

Disclaimer: Not being paid to write this, my own opinion, bla bla bla. Just thought I'd share this.