Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Christina Perri, Head or Heart Tour at KL Live

First concert of the year: The Asian leg of Christina Perri's Head or Heart Tour. Almost three months since I bought the ticket, the day is finally here. Took my own sweet time driving down (smooth traffic), did some errands while I was out - when I got in the first time, it was an opening act, so I went out (luckily they don't have a "no re-entry" rule) and searched for some dessert at Dr Cafe (there was another cafe there, but they didn't have what I want, so I walked out) before heading back up again. Probably the first time in a long while a concert started before 9 p.m.

Unlike the last time, they actually enforced the no-smoking rule inside this time and the air was pretty clean.
Only managed to take this as I was leaving as everyone was busy taking pics with it; selfies included
Didn't realise that the show wasn't for over 18 year olds only cos I saw (afterwards) teenagers and small children present (I suspect a parent works for the organising company or something, I'm just guessing). There were parents and other middle aged white guys in attendance.

Merch on sale was two t-shirt designs: the standard tour one, and this one that I ended up getting (just cos), RM100 each. Badges are the cheapest for under RM50 (but still). And CDs going for RM40 each, which one can say is a bargain cos locally printed CDs are at least RM45 these days for international artists.

The backdrop of paper hearts was a nice touch. If I have to guess, I say that only a small percentage of the attendees have heard entire albums. She has that singing voice (and songs) that can pull at a person's heartstrings (I can't be the only one), so as someone who's shed tears at songs in concerts (and I almost did at this one, but came out as mad coughing instead), I just can't.

The show finished around 10.45 p.m.(?) mostly because she's only got two albums out and there's only so many songs to play (including the radio hits like Jar of Hearts, Human and A Thousand Years, that song in the Twilight movie), so she also did some really brief covers, most notably Coldplay's techno-driven song, A Sky Full of Stars. Also left as she was (I think) doing her last song to beat the traffic (didn't manage to, Jalan Perak was congested because of the traffic lights).

Christina Perri Setlist Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2015, Head or Heart World Tour
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(I edited the setlist on - open to corrections because I know I didn't get everything)

Because of road closures, I only got home around 11 something.

She sounds pretty good live, would definitely say go if she's making a stop next time.