Sunday, 22 February 2015

Week 8, 2015 - My long, ill CNY weekend

After the reunion dinner on Wednesday, I spent CNY at home (for the most part) looking and feeling like crap as I blew my nose out and attempted to cough a lung out this past, long weekend. Why pay for a sweat lodge when I can just stay home and sweat it out? :P
  • The planet's cheapest Michelin-star restaurant (read: very expensive dim sum joint) TimHoWan is opening another outlet in the second home. Cheap if you're earning first world money, that is. 
  • Lifetime Asia is attempting a regional version of Masterchef and are currently doing a casting call. I hope the judges have no religious-related dietary restrictions, because that's what Masterchef Malaysia is lacking. 
  • New coin operated laundromat nearby opened with a free wash promo until the end of today. Went on Friday morning to wash the comforter (which I can't do at home because it's that huge) which I would have to pay about RM12 for at the nearby laundromat. RM4 for the dryer is not too bad lah
Off to collect another round of angpaus... adios!