Sunday, 15 February 2015

Week 7, 2015 - Damn flu

Down with the flu on Friday - sore throat, aches and fatigues, etc. Before CNY. Oh well. 
  • Found my Dear Kate order in the blue police box (as it won't fit through the mail slot) on Friday morning. At least the Poslaju guy saved me a trip down to the local Poslaju office to pick it up myself. 
  • There's finally a local cashback site -
  • Am totally fine with Jon Stewart stepping down from The Daily Show.
  • Saw The Imitation Game on Wednesday. Thought of catching Kingsmen (a movie I've been dying to watch) next Wednesday, then I remembered it's CNY Eve, so probably not... ?
  • Did the old fart-iest thing ever: Drag my bedraggled self to a neighbour's house party and told them to take the noise down. In my defense, it was almost 2 a.m. 
  • Pre-CNY meetup dinner at Extra Super Tanker (I wished I had made the name up) in Damansara Kim Friday night with the college mates. As usual was the first chump to arrive because it wasn't too far away from home and I didn't have a lot traffic congestion to deal with. Dinner only started almost an hour later while waiting for people (who were stuck in Friday night traffic jam) to show up. It was just as well we didn't have it at a erm, classier joint with the commotion we were making.. 
  • Saw Tales from The Bedroom 2 at KLPAC on Saturday night. 
  • Spotlight finally opening a new store in PJ next month. Thank goodness.