Sunday, 8 February 2015

Week 6, 2015

Thaipusam on Tuesday this week, so I thought I'd pop over to the Big Bad Wolf Books fire sale. I don't know if it's just me, but every time I'm back from the sale, I'm always hit with a headache afterwards. This time, no exception. I am not sure if it's the heat or the dehydration.
  • Got my Russell Peters ticket by courier this week. Was told over the phone that they'll only send them out middle of the month, but I think they figured that with CNY, it might slow things down a little. 
  • Also got myself a ticket to the upcoming MACC show. They have a damn shrewd ticketing system that you can't split seats up by buying just one ticket. 
  • Finally received the new Gorillapod video which took a while to arrive... 
  • The buzz amongst people I know on social media about the upcoming BSB concert (Labour Day weekend lagi) is akin to the 40 year olds fans of Take That or NKOTB.
  • Speaking of which, I owe my teenage self an apology for underestimating the force of BSB and the kiasu-ness of the fandom when tickets totally sold out in a couple of hours, and I couldn't get one on the cheap. I imagine the NKOTB concerts have a significantly older audience by now..
  • Anyone else mildly excited about the sequel, but actually was the first thing she wrote, to To Kill a Mockingbird? I'd read it.