Friday, 13 February 2015

The Imitation Game

Bought a cheap(er), mid-week ticket to The Imitation Game for 9 p.m. By the time I got to the box office (before 8 p.m.), I wasn't the only one with the same idea as the screening was almost sold out. I got a decent seat for myself because the one next to it was busted. I'm only about as familiar with the man and his contribution and the eponymous test as much as the next layperson. 

It's based on an Alan Turing biography (Andrew Hodges's Alan Turing: The Enigma) and some dramatic/creative license was used in the movie. 
  • It has its light moments, which people laughed at. There were also moments that only I found to be amusing. 
  • I enjoyed the recruitment by crossword puzzle scene.
  • I must use the word "indecorous" more often. 
  • Mark Strong as the MI6 head honcho is just phwoar; and by that, I mean his gangster-looking wardrobe and hair. At least he's not playing a smile-y character :P
  • I can totally relate to Joan's speech about being okay with the idea of companionate marriage even after he confirmed to her that he was gay. 
  • Being gay those days in Britain really sucks balls :P
  • I suppose if they found out what key words to use in "Christopher" the machine sooner, it would be a way shorter movie. 
  • This History vs Hollywood piece is an interesting read. 
I liked it enough. If you want to watch, watch it already; if you don't want to, that's fine.