Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tales from the Bedroom 2

Dragged someone else with me to go catch Tales from the Bedroom 2 in KLPAC's Indicine this Valentines weekend (last year I went on the 15th). Parking outside was almost full, which I wasn't sure was due to the other happenings in the place or because people were celebrating Valentine's Day at the nearby restaurants. 

Like the previous year, it's free seating with optional floor seating, which has a very vantage view of the bed. I'm all about unobstructed view, not "can see flying spit" view. 

The plays are also all pretty much comedic this time round - I don't think there are any sombre ones in the line up. I recognised some people from last year's production. Despite being under the weather and on medication, I thought it was fine, but didn't laugh too much for fear of triggering a cough. 

Some of the plays I found a little draggy, some I wasn't a fan of the high pitched female voices (that's just me, nothing against those ladies), but I really enjoyed Marcus Tan's character in Scents and Sensibilities, which I'm hoping was a reprise from last year (didn't catch the character's name if it was uttered, sorry!), when he screamed out food names in that way instead of the usual in-bed blasphemy. 

If there's ever gonna be a Tales from the Bedroom 3 next year, there should be some plays that aren't about all about hetero couples. I wouldn't mind a ménage à trois in the mix. Just saying.