Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service (SPOILER-Y)

Finally found an excuse to check out the new TGV multiplex in Jaya by catching Kingsman: The Secret Service, which I've been dying to watch since I saw the trailers in the cinemas last year. I mean, who doesn't want to see Colin Firth go against type and fight like a badass? I can't be the only one that remembered those wussy fight scenes with Hugh Grant in the Bridget Jones movies... (go look it up if you haven't, they're freaking hilarious). Dude has come a really long way since.
  • OMG Jack Davenport.... what a way to go. But he had a badass fight scene before he died. 
  • Is it just me, or does this whole population culling scheme sounds vaguely familiar, like a Chuck Palahniuk book? 
  • Considering Colin Firth had like, TWO major fight scenes in this movie, I'm now wondering what was the 20% he didn't do...?
  • Have I mentioned how badass Colin Firth is in this movie? 
  • Nice parkouring... 
  • Have to like how Kingsman is basically formed because the founders had more money than heirs after the First World War, and also wanted to do a "public service". Private spy agency, pbft...:P 
  • The personal tube station from the tailor shop to the HQ is pretty cool. No traffic jam...
  • Holy crap, how long was Galahad out if he had long hair and a beard when he woke up again...?
  • They have some pretty badass weaponry - who knew their toilets held such secrets? 
  • Oh, Mark Strong... Nope, didn't hear a Scottish accent in Strong's Merlin. Not even Shrek.
  • So true - all the high billing old machas in this movie died. (Yep, here's the spoiler) I dunno how they're gonna work Colin Firth back in for future sequels.. 
  • So hilarious that the recruits have to train puppies while they undergo training themselves, haha. Who doesn't love JB the pug? Sho cute..!!
  • What happens to the rejects' dogs? Do they go home with them?
  • The jet coming out of the front yard of the HQ reminds me of Thunderbirds... well, remotely. Pretty sure the mansion has been in some movies, it looked THAT familiar... 
  • I'm all for a lady Lancelot.
  • Why was Iggy Azalea specifically mentioned?
  • All those heads exploding like colourful mushroom cloud-jellyfish combo is like... phwoar. 
  • The Mr Porter collaboration collection is pretty dapper. 
  • So I'm guessing Eggsy is the new Galahad now? 
Long story short: If a rich guy is giving away SIM cards with free calls and free internet.... just don't.

Anyway, if there's ever gonna be a sequel, I would watch the heck out of it. Totally enjoyed this movie for the popcorn movie it is, and I would recommend it if you're so inclined.