Sunday, 25 January 2015

Week 4, 2015

  • Got a ticket to the upcoming Russell Peters show in Shah Alam in April in the presale (where you get a promo code to use if you sign up for the organiser's newsletter), 3 days before the general sale. Singular because I don't know if anyone else is going, let alone with me, so... #foreveralone
  • Word on the street about Hooters potential expansion into rest of South East Asia (including Malaysia). As usual, the religious authorities already making noise about it - what else is new  - look, if they don't want their precious muslimin to patronise Hooters hor... just make it non-halal lah.  BFD. 
  • Took WhatsApp long enough to put out the desktop version when other apps have already done so earlier. 
  • Xiaomi raising prices of their powerbanks in a few days. On the plus side, at least they're available via open sale and not flash sales?
  • Anyone started their CNY spring cleaning? I feel so lazy about it because I get these cleaning fits the rest of the year, and I buy clothes for CNY throughout the year because I don't like the stress of doing things right before.
  • Went back to Furless in Jaya One to get the upper lip and sideburns waxed (with the 20% birthday discount). Nice to see that the same people are still there even though I haven't been back for a while (can't remember if I went back last year), and how the service is not wham bam, thank you ma'am - they take the same amount of care as if you're there for down there waxing. The cooling treatment at the end is also a nice touch - worth the price paid.