Sunday, 18 January 2015

Week 3, 2015

School started this past week. Here come chaos. Also starting to feel under the weather. Urgh.
  • Passport renewal now down to RM200... erm, yay, I suppose.
  • As to be expected, Big Bad Wolf Books announced their fire sale for next month where everything's a flat RM5. I've always had better luck with the fire sale than their usual sale, so will definitely go poke around if I remember to.
  • Got the text and checked out the Anya Hindmarch clearance sale (as they're moving to a standalone store in Pavilion next month) at The Westin. While the things seem pretty cheap (by the brand's standards, anyway), but there wasn't anything I wanted or would've bought, so I was in and out pretty quickly. Only made off with some of the tea bags (not cheap, I can assure you) they had at the refreshment bar outside the sale (in a small room). I guess the only perk of being friendly with the SAs is that I can hear them taking calls about whether so-and-so item is available at the sale or not. Also saw a bunch of already packed black-and-white striped shopping bags, which I take to mean that those have already been reserved (dunno if paid for) long before the sale started. It does explains the phone number in the multiple texts and emails received... 
  • Oscar nominations announced. The only Best Picture nominee I've already seen was The Grand Budapest Hotel. Not sure if I will ever get around or have the inclination to watch the other nominees before the ceremony, but I AM curious about The Imitation Game
  • I suppose it's great that The Theory of Everything is getting all this buzz now, but I am constantly reminded of Cumberbatch's portayal of Hawking in that TV movie from way back when.