Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week 2, 2015

Weather this week: Rain, rain, rain. School holidays extended this week due to the flood damage in the west coast. 
  • Finally remembered to redeem the Hypoxi Groupon I got months ago. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Quiznos groupon that I forgot about. Le sigh. 
  • They finally made the announcement about ticket sales for the upcoming Russell Peters show in Shah Alam. Man, are those tickets expensive. I hope they have huge ass monitors for people in the nosebleed seats... There is gonna be a promo code for newsletter subscribers, but I personally don't know how much cheaper that's gonna be when Ticketpro charges you RM10 internet transaction fee.. (yah, tell me about it - that's why I rather go to my nearest Ticketpro outlets rather than cough up the extra RM10)
  • Finally saw Liam Neeson and his "particular set of skills" in Taken 3 a couple days before its release in one of the new GSC cineplexes downtown. 
  • The third season of Masterchef Junior's started, even though the previous season wasn't all that long ago. 
  • Speaking of Masterchef Junior, Lifetime Asia has taken to filling the Masterchef void in its programming schedule by showing us the fourth season of the NZ one. 
  • Adios, Covert Affairs.