Friday, 16 January 2015

Trying out Hypoxi [Groupon MY]

Finally got around to redeem the Hypoxi trial sessions Groupon that I bought months ago recently. In retrospect, I probably should've redeemed it during the actual school holidays and not at the tail end of the (extended) holidays, because for me to go to the particular studio in Ativo Plaza in Bandar Sri Damansara (yeah, I didn't know it existed either), I would have to travel by LDP and pay the RM1.60 Penchala toll during rush hour. So I scheduled my first appointment for 6.30 p.m. on a Friday because they had a full Saturday and it's closed on Sunday. I was told not to eat heavily 2 hours before the appointment, but some (healthy) snacking was permissible. I was also told to bring leggings and wear long sleeves. 

3 training sessions + 3 firming sessions for RM128 instead of RM1,380 (only RM21.30 per session)

The only good thing about a weekday appointment at Ativo Plaza was that parking was free for the first two hours if you got there before 7 p.m.

(PS. There's also allocated parking spots for ladies and mothers with young children, which are right next to the escalators)

Got there about 10 minutes before, which was a good thing because I had to sit through a 10 - 15 minute briefing session about Hypoxi, what it does (it targets the stubborn fat in areas like stomach, hips, and thighs which doesn't budge with diet and exercise tweaks and jumpstarts the sagging metabolism rate), etc, some of which I gathered as much from the interwebs. The baseline measurements were taken in (thankfully) a private room because I had to strip down (some more) to the skivvies. Good grief. 

After the explainer, I was put into the first machine: the Hypoxidermology machine, for 20 minutes. (This was the reason for the long sleeves). I needed help getting in and out of the suit. It was like I was a piece of protein in vacuum-sealed bag, being massaged with bubble wrap. It would've been more relaxing if I didn't have to hear the loud conversations going on..?

Afterwards, I was ushered into this machine.. but not without having to wear the weird hemmed skirt, heart monitor right under the boobage, and a thermometer that goes around the thigh like an unsexy garter before stepping in. It was tough for me trying to balance keeping the heart rate, speed and temperature at a certain level, ALL WHILE PEDALLING (so much to juggle!) and I had to keep adjusting my sitting because I wasn't exactly sitting on the gluteus maximus for some reason. I broke a sweat and overheated by the end of the 30 minutes. Not to mention the heat released when the machine opened up because I typically go beyond the 3 degrees Celcius they needed to start the metabolism. 

I haven't gotten to try the other machine, the one where you're basically on your back and peddling.

Here's the kicker: No eating 2 hours after a session and only proteins and vegetables right after that. Those post-session two hours aren't that difficult because you're so full from the water you're being made to sip throughout and after (so the fat and toxins can be flushed out, hor). But as someone who normally is done with dinner before 8 p.m., having  "dinner" closer to 10 p.m. is just... le sigh. 

Yes, I was given a laundry list of low carb foods to eat, high carbs/sugar foods to avoid, but I was more annoyed by the typos in the list itself, so I didn't stare at it too long.

What I found tough is the the days in between sessions - trying to really cut down on the carbs (and sugar) some more when I've been trying to cut down on the carbs (well, white rice, anyway) for a while now anyway, is just annoying (you're only allowed complex carbs about 4 hours before the session). Plus, I really don't like the taste of water so that's just great for me >.<

Another peeve of mine is the hours. I'm pretty sure most of their clientele consist of tai-tais who have both time and money to do this during the typical Monday-Friday work week and/or those with flexible work schedules. If you work a typical 9 - 5, you might be a bit SOOL.

Finished my third and final session on Thursday evening. Got measured for the last time and I lost about 2 cm (not quite an inch) from the stomach and waist, and minimal loss (millimeters, really) from the thighs, hips, etc. Frankly, a little sad about the latter result. I almost did a spit take when told how much it would cost me to continue on for an additional three weeks (hint: 4 digits). Or puked the water I was being made to sip. Lucky the hard sell stopped and was told to "call" if I was ready to continue (erm, yeah right).

What I like: The ladies running the place were really nice; they also have tops, leggings and the footwear (both socks AND shoes) you can use, the sessions themselves are pretty relaxing for the most part, because they only have three of the four Hypoxi machines (there's one for the guys), the studio is ladies-only.

What I didn't like: Scheduling limitations, having to pay toll both ways (in case anyone doesn't know, I hate paying toll unless there's no way around it), the evening traffic...

All in all, glad to have tried this, but I really don't have the resources (discipline, time AND money) to continue. Really. Unless there's one impossibly near me or something (the other local studios I found online were in Hartamas and Bangsar). But otherwise... I miss desserts too much. The misery I felt from the sugar and carbs withdrawal hor... man. Tough.

PS. I did ask how much the machines were for the heck of it. She didn't give me a specific number, but I think it's around RM100,000 - RM200,000 range each. Hmm.