Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Theory of Everything

The GSC free movie ticket birthday voucher had been burning a hole in my pocket for a few weeks, with me scouring the local print listings for movies that I don't mind watching but wouldn't really want to pay to watch. After weeks of waiting and stalking the movie listings, The Theory of Everything is finally on the asterisk-ed (*) movie list [that's the only catch with the birthday movie vouchers - you can't use it to watch anything that just came out]. It wasn't a movie that I die die must watch, but what the heck, it was either this or the last Hobbit movie. Also surprised to see an International Screens movie go on the asterisk-ed movie list.

Of course there was only the ONE screening time for that day, and the room was almost full. Being #foreveralone, I got an okay seat (for me, not everyone else) from the lone seats scattered about. 

Watching this, I can't help but compare this movie to the TV movie (Hawking) with Cumberbatch which came out about 10 years ago, which is also set about the same time in the professor's life, give or take.
  • I can't be the only one watching the thesis defense scene wondering why they decided to give him the PhD despite the "holes, flaws and unanswered questions" in the thesis.   
  • No wonder the guy who played the doctor looked awfully familiar (I thought it was just that movie trope of having comedians play doctors in movies) - he played the dad in Hawking
  • If they had aged decades in the two hours, the age makeup was definitely subtle.
  • The time reversal part in the end really reminds me of The Scientist video. 
Because the movie is based on the first wife's memoir (who wasn't a physicist herself), you don't need to be a physics buff to get this movie. But it might help if you have an inkling about his life. This is for the people obsessed with biopic accuracy.