Monday, 5 January 2015

The Porki Society

No lunch at home on Sunday, so decided to try The Porki Society (located a few doors down from the corner KFC in the Seapark area). Service seemed a little slow (and a little understaffed) for Sunday lunch service: waited for what seemed like an age for someone to clean the table and also bring the menus. Fortunately, didn't have to wait too long for the food to come.

Noodles: Usual RM1.90 a portion, comes in both soup and dry with either Thai noodles or bee hoon. I appreciated the pieces of pork liver and pork meatball, but I probably won't be back for the noodles.
Noodles and veg
Other stuff: 
  • For RM1.90 a bowl, they didn't skimp on the vegetable portions. Ordered one of each (kangkung and bean sprouts), thinking the portion would be like the noodles, but nope. Quite generous. 
  • Moo Tun Signature Marinated Pork (RM4.90) was pretty good. (Not pictured)
  • Moo Ping (pork skewers) was delicious. It was tough choosing between the two sticks (too little) and five sticks (too many) portion.
  • If you ever feel that your sinuses need unclogging, their Tom Yam soup (RM7.90) would do the trick. It wasn't just me that felt the heat. 
  • The dessert (takoh, RM2.50 for two) brings me back to my childhood trips to Thailand. I miss the corn and water chestnut crunch. Not sure if the price was worth it, though.
  • Thai ice tea (RM6.90) was a little large, and was getting a little jelak towards the end. Luckily the tom yam helped that along :P 
  • The RM2.50 tiny glass bottle of Coke is local sadly, not Thai Coke.

If you can't take the heat, do not order the tom yam... unless you're a masochist.
Pork skewers. Had one each before realising that I forgot to take a picture, it was that good.
The bill came up to about RM50 and some change for two people (there's a service charge, in case anyone cares). All in all - I liked the other dishes, but the noodles and vegetable dishes are not for me. 

10, Jalan 21/19, Seapark, Seksyen 21, 46300 Petaling Jaya