Saturday, 24 January 2015

Go Thai, SS2

Finally had an excuse to check out Go Thai for lunch yesterday (tried my luck the previous weekend, but failed because the kitchen was closed when I got there around 3 p.m., so it wasn't their fault or anything). When I got there around 1 something, it was packed, but fortunately for me, they had a tiny table for solo diners, so I didn't have to wait. While there aren't any small printed menus so one can browse to their hearts' content, but there are several large whiteboards with the menu handwritten on them, which might be a pain in the backside depending on your seating situation. 

Went with the relatively safe option of kuey teow nam tuk (noodles with clear pork broth, RM7), with iced milk tea (RM4) and a warm sago pudding dessert (with fresh corn in the mix, RM6). The broth was pretty flavourful (if you're a sucker for garlic; and no MSG as far as I can tell afterwards) and has pork balls, mince and sliced liver (I think?). Portion was okay for small eaters; large eaters might want to order the rice dishes they have. 

The only drawback of solo dining as a small eater is that you can't order and try everything you want that's on the menu. On the plus side, there's an excuse to go back...

187, Jalan SS 2/24 (same row as the new Rabbit Tyre Shop)
Closed Mondays, open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday