Sunday, 28 December 2014

Week 52, 2014

Weather's been pretty cloudy and rainy - so much so that parts of the country are pretty much underwater. And not in a good way. 

Also - just when you think things can't get any worse: another plane (this time an Air Asia flight from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore) is incommunicado. Here we go again. 

Been mostly catching on the talk shows that I haven't been watching regularly because of the holiday slow down and where there won't be any new episodes of anything at least until next year.
  • My Ostrich Pillow Mini arrived on Christmas Eve - yay! 
  • It was announced this week that Russell Peters will be back here again next April. If ticket sales of his previous stop here was anything to go by, things are gonna be cray cray when they do the ticket sales announcement. 
  • Finally tried out Uber. Yay me.
  • Speaking of tickets, I finally got round to buying an early bird ticket to see Christina Perri next March. Yes, I'm both kiasu and cheap (but mostly cheap, because of the early bird discount). 
  • I didn't know Russell Peters was in the Grumpy Cat Christmas Lifetime movie. Not kidding. 
  • Last week for holiday drinks. Get a last one in while you still can.
  • Went for my first and last outing at Publika's Hammam Spa on Saturday. After this, I think I'll just go for the hammam and gommage... 
  • Went for uncle's housewarming in his so-called "cottage" on Saturday. He wasn't kidding - it's okay for a one person to live in, or possibly a DINK situation, but a family? I dunno lah..
  • Got totally FFK-ed on Friday by another friend (who only remembered that we were supposed to meet around 2 a.m.); to make up for it, we had dinner at Oinkz in Section 17 - a place that's only open for dinner on weekends because it operates out of the premises of a coffee shop.