Sunday, 7 December 2014

Week 49, 2014

  • After two different warehouse sales in different parts of the Valley on Saturday, I'm glad I don't have a reason to go up to Genting for this year's Urbanscapes - it's too expensive to go if you're not there for the acts. Also, I can't even. 
  • Annual pilgrimage to Big Bad Wolf sale - done. Like previous years, minimal haul despite the millions of books there.
  • They added more departure times on the Paradigm-airport bus service - whee
  • Had the new limited Garrett popcorn flavour, the Cocoa Caramelcrisp. It's as sweet as normal Caramelcrisp, but with an slight bitter undertone from the cocoa. Did not realise the prices have gone up and the bag sizes have shrunk. For the price, at least you can store it for longer. 
  • My favourite kid-testant on Masterchef Junior got the boot this week. 
  • First local Bath & Body Works is opening in Nu Sentral. Just no idea when and I really don't care because I'm not really a fan. (If people thought the smell of the Lush Cosmetics store was obnoxious, I still remember the smell of a B&BW store, almost a decade later).
  • We now know that the new Bond movie is called SPECTRE, after the organisation that had been Bond's nemesis earlier in the movie series. 
  • Tune is offering insurance against snatch theft...