Friday, 12 December 2014

Union Jacks Best of British Fish and Chips, Damansara Utama

Was in the area for errands and decided to pop by Union Jacks Best of British Fish and Chips (which replaced what used to be Fuel Cafe) for lunch. I had noticed the place open some weeks ago, but hadn't had a chance to go until now.  

Fortunately they had extended their buy one, free one promo so we all decided to have some variation of fish and chips. (They also have pies and other things on the menu). To make it more "authentic", they also have HP sauce and malt vinegar (I think?) as well as ketchup and chilli sauces on the tables. 

Junior Fish & Chips Combo 

Fish was okay, but I felt that there was more batter than fish. One of us had a soggier piece, which suggests that it either was sitting out a little too long or the oil wasn't hot enough when it was cooked. Chips wasn't so great and the mash was (at least I thought) not made from powder. Didn't get to try the mashed peas, but perhaps another time. But I totally understood why English people have malt vinegar on their fish and chips now. 

111M Jalan SS21/37 Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ, Selangor, Malaysia