Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mogwai, KL Live (Urbanscapes Satellite Show)

Bought an early bird ticket to see Mogwai, who's making a last and only stop here (in the region) on their current tour last Sunday night, the second of three Urbanscapes Satellite Shows this year.

Only left home after dinner and got there 8 something because I know better than to go there so early like a damn idiot. Even then, I felt that I was there too early (show only started around 9.10 p.m.). At least I could still park at MBF next door, and it's RM2 cheaper. While I didn't have to line up to enter now, the only snag about going in so late is that you get carded and bag-checked, but that was fine.

Because of the damn cigarette smoke inside (despite the no smoking signs and designated smoking area outside), was forced to buy an overpriced bottle of orange juice (it's easy not to buy RM15 plastic cups of Tiger when you don't like the stuff) to keep the respiratory system moist.

Because there (typically) aren't any lyrics in the Mogwai oeuvre, there's no singing along at a Mogwai concert. Because their music isn't very rancak either, there's also not a lot of crazy dancing happening. The most one can do is sway in place or nod appreciatively.

Show ended around 10 something. I remembered because I had time to get a hot chocolate at the Dr Cafe downstairs before they closed at 11 p.m.