Monday, 8 December 2014

Dr Cermin

This happened a couple of weeks ago after a particularly heavy downpour to one of the cars at home.. It was parked, it didn't happen when anyone (especially me) was in it. I was just glad that it didn't happen during the rain, or else there's also the soggy, musty interior to deal with on top of everything else. But the glass was everywhere and not something you want to deal with barehanded. 

Talk about FML right? A heavy, rotten, termite-infested branch did this. Drove home, and just about everyone got on board to clean and vacuum both the glass shards and termites inside the car. I felt horrible when my mum got a really nasty cut. Was mostly done when it got too dark to continue and I had a prior engagement that I was running really late for. So we taped it up with a garbage bag and masking tape (in case it rained overnight). 

The next day... 

After figuring out if we had windscreen insurance (nope), drove over to a nearby Dr Cermin (which started in Johor, but has branches around the country) around noon-ish. They said it would take a couple of hours, so went out to lunch and was back at work not too long before they called to say it was done. I was just glad that they had also vacuumed the glass shards that we missed the day before and that I didn't have to do any more vacuuming. There was some masking tape on it, which they say I could remove later in the day. Was also told not to wash the car for about 3 days, and not to have the windscreen tinted for at least another week. They were also nice enough to put back the stuff that was on the windscreen, but not the Smart Tag bracket (which I still haven't gone round to myself).

They would do the insurance paperwork for you if you had windscreen coverage, but since the previous owner (the old bean) was too cheap for that, it was either forfeit the NCD (which would've been 25% next year as I'm starting from scratch) or paying for it out of pocket. Because we went with the latter, the entire thing cost RM1300 (after some negotiation; compared to nearly RM1500 with insurance coverage, or nearly RM2000 if we went to Toyota). 

How's the new windscreen? So far, so good. There were also some minor nicks and what not over the years on the old windscreen, so this new one felt a little clean slate-ish.