Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chicken rice at Choon Yien, Happy Mansion

Decided to drop by Happy Mansion for lunch one weekday to try out the chicken rice at Choon Yien (saw the crowd the last time I was there, decided not to wait). Googled to find that it's as infamous as it is famous because the owner is infamously not nice to people during peak periods. I don't know if it's so popular because it was that good, or because it's the only chicken rice stall in the area. You can also tell that it's the only thing people go for when you see a lot of cars (both expensive and affordable) parked nearby.

So we ordered roasted chicken rice with a small platter of char siew (which is apparently also famous, but also very limited) from the kakak who's busy taking orders, rather than to deal with the guy with a huge meat cleaver and a temper. Just saying. It was one of those rice and chicken go on separate plates places.

(I can't be the only one that only orders roasted chicken outside. If I wanted boiled chicken, I'll wait for my mother's chicken rice, which is the best ever.)

Rice: I thought it was edible. My brother liked it so much he ordered another small bowl of rice for himself.

Chilli sauce: Not bad, not enough to write home about.

Roasted chicken: Skin was glistening and crispy. I also appreciated that we got the dark meat and not the white meat (which I might've unknowingly asked for, but oh well) and the sprinkling of fried garlic on top. I thought it was a little too much protein for two people (even if one has a bigger appetite than the other), until I saw that it was on a bed of dark soy sauce, sliced cucumber and some bean sprouts which gave it the illusion of volume. 

Soup: Wasn't too sure what soup it was (think it might've been salted veg), but I liked the soup.

Char siew: I'm not fussy about char siew, but I thought it was fine. Lucky my brother ordered a small plate from the kakak as she was setting our order on the table (didn't wait too long, I thought) so that he didn't totally deprive me of the chicken... :P

Total damage was RM28 for two people (I was expecting more, so it was a relief). The kakak felt so bad keeping us waiting that she might've given me a bit more change than I was expecting...? Personally I didn't hate the chicken rice, however, probably wouldn't go back again on my own... More once in a blue moon than a regular thing. 

Restoran Choon Yien
CG-1, Happy Mansion Apartments
Jalan 17/13, Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya
11 am to 1 pm