Saturday, 6 December 2014

2014 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Decided to go to the Tiny Tapir warehouse sale in Cheras first before heading over to Mines for the annual pilgrimage. Traffic going in was tolerable compared to last year, but the congestion going into the convention centre was because (in their "infinite wisdom") had closed off access to 3 out of the 4 payment booths. Kanasai. Parking still RM4 per entry. Also didn't take me too long to find parking, so yay. 

I had read Small Kucing's (or rather, Mamarazzi's) take from the preview sale about the exit/cashier counters being on the other side of the hall. I only say that because I had wanted to check out the non-fiction stuff first before the fiction section, but the non-fiction was nearest the cashier, so I walked up towards the exit, worked my way down to the fiction side, then walked up again to pay. By the time I worked my way towards the cashier, I was tired and sore and made use of the storage service and took a break upstairs on the mezzanine floor. 

I did like that it's not all just tables of books - they also have other things on display on the floor to break things up a little. Or for me at least, a way to keep track of where I already looked. Gone through the numerous tables holding the food and cook books, but still no sign of the third Good Eats book. Maybe Alton Brown and Martha Stewart have the same deal where their books don't hit the remainder book circuit...?

Whoever thought of a massage service upstairs was a bloody genius. Blind masseuse, some more. In case anyone's wondering, they offer foot (in case your feet are sore from all the walking around) and shoulder (if you're a bit lenguh from carrying stuff around, like I was) massages. Starts from RM15 for 15 minutes, RM30 for half hour and RM50 for the full hour. Opted for the 15 minute shoulder massage. The guy I got wasn't too bad, a bit chatty if you're into that kind of thing. Like the Wolf minions downstairs, they also work on 12-hour shifts. 

Yup, Astro Awani was on scene. Hope my mug (or butt) is not on there when it airs..
Not quite the Game of Thrones throne, but hey.. it's for sale. No joke.
My own minimal haul 
I also liked that they have cordoned off sorting section for people to decide what books to buy or to put back instead of clogging up the area before the cashiers. 

All in all, took me a couple of hours and this was after I had skipped a quite a bit of the place (the kids section, the Malay and Chinese books, the coffee table books, the tables marked "Romance"...). Humour section for me this year was a little slim pickings. 

I've gotten really picky with what books to buy because I want to buy what I want to keep, and not what I would have to "get rid of" later... like the Philippa Gregory books I found (which I only buy at these sales, never full price - my "guilty pleasure" author). Also got sucked in and bought the FoxTrot box set because I hadn't followed the strip consistently, and I am a sucker for Jason's pet lizard. 

PS. I wonder if the headache I got later was a result from the massage, or just plain dehydration and weather-related? That was the only reason why this is out so late.