Sunday, 2 November 2014

Week 44, 2014

Immune system is practically down the drain. Definitely need more rest in the coming week.
  • Did not pay to see Harith Iskander's new show at Stadium Putra on Wednesday, so yay. Material is a bit too mature for kids in attendance... 
  • Ostrich Pillow Mini Kickstarter finally concluded on Friday (Halloween!) 
  • Spent Halloween night at the hotel's Halloween buffet dinner. 
  • Drove down to JB Friday afternoon for the sibling's convocation. Spent that morning at a more leisurely pace before taking the hotel shuttle to JPO before going home on Saturday.
  • On the plus side, finally finished a couple of audiobooks on the drive down...
  • It's now time to prowl the clearance aisles for Halloween candy... that is, if you don't mind the huge bags of candy that's meant to be given out to start with.