Thursday, 27 November 2014

More Shear Madness

Thanks to Churp Churp, I got tickets to the opening night of the second run of Shear Madness. Dragged a friend who (both) works in the area and has never seen the show (Why do I always find myself bringing "virgins" to these things...?), but nonetheless found it fun. Due to unforeseen circumstances at home (no, not a death in the family, if that's what anyone was thinking), I was cutting it real close to meeting said friend for dinner, collecting the tickets, etc. 

Everyone reprised their parts, except Dr Jason Leong, whose sergeant role was taken over (this time) by Alfred Loh. That said, I did see Dr Jason in the audience earlier and I think I got why he didn't do it this time... If nothing else, the rest of the audience was pretty active and were actually paying attention.. well, more than we did, anyway (I was too distracted by someone's stale breath that was definitely not mine, besides other things). As a fan of the local 90s sitcoms (I miss those days where you can go in drag on TV, etc), I was pretty excited to see Louisa Chong a few seats away from us and being so involved with the case at hand. 
So much for no photography. But it wasn't FLASH photography..
I won't go too much about the show as this was my second time. But if you want to read what I thought the first time, go here. Sekian, terima kasih.

Still pretty funny, even though some of the references have gone a little stale since the initial run back in May. Okaylah I went again mostly hoping for a different outcome, but that didn't pan out for me. Oh well.

If you haven't seen it, you should. Just saying.