Friday, 7 November 2014

Boat Noodle, The School by Jaya One

Was in the area and finally got around to trying out Boat Noodle at The School by Jaya One. Mostly because I was there a little before lunch rush (I was getting another errand in) on a working Monday. Ordered a bowl of all the variants they got on the menu (both beef and chicken with both types of broth; RM1.90 each), with the Thai iced coffee to wash it all down. 

I liked one more over the other (the one that didn't have the pronounced cinnamon flavour), and the iced coffee was just okay but definitely cost more than my four bowls of noodles at RM6.90. One person I know complained about the portions, but the way I see it, it's great if you feel like having a light meal? For me - one bowl = two mouthfuls. Even without adding anymore condiment, the noodles was spicy and salty enough for me. 

This also means that I am in no hurry to come back here (or any of the other outlets in the Valley) any time soon. 

P2, The School by Jaya One