Sunday, 19 October 2014

Week 42, 2014

More haze, more rain. Such is life, but like that's gonna stop anyone.
  • Got the Sephora Black Card in the mail this week. 
  • Am about S$100 richer than I thought. 
  • Got my MOO minicards this week.
  • Got myself a ticket to the upcoming Mogwai show in late November. 
  • Diwali is now on the 22nd (Wednesday) and not on the 23rd (Thursday) as previously thought.
  • I found out this weekend that there's a carpooling app called Tripda, which is finally making its presence in Malaysia. Snag is (for some people) that you need to have a Facebook account to sign up for it. There's also a ladies only option if you're a lady driver looking for lady passengers or ladies looking to ride with other ladies.
  • Attended a friend's THIRD full moon celebration at their new place in the middle of Puchong. 
  • Cough mostly gone, unless I'm under stress or outdoors. 
  • Thinking of changing telcos. Only trouble of changing it is having to redo the TAC stuff with the banks....