Sunday, 12 October 2014

Week 41, 2014

Damn haze. On the plus side, a lot less snot to deal with now. 4 day work week too, so big whoop.

  • Tried the Oressence body treatment on Monday. Once is enough, I think. 
  • Had to drive to Bentong, but sadly on the day the ice cream shop was closed. 
  • Would love to see (and pay RM, frankly because while I don't mind buying online, but the shipping to KL is just way too much) for this Singaporean comic artist's book, Eva, Kopi, and Matcha, but according to her the Malaysian bookstores (even Popular Malaysia, the shame!) are not confident that her books would do well here. Prove. Them. Wrong. Write, call and bug the heck out of your local bookstores (MPH, Popular and/or Kinokuniya) until they do. 
  • Still trying to get the hang of remembering to watch the new episodes of The Amazing Race on Saturday instead of Monday evenings.