Sunday, 5 October 2014

Week 40, 2014 - Selamat Hari Raya... again

Another religious holiday, another 3 day weekend. Salam Aidiladha to whoever's celebrating and have a great weekend to everyone else. 
  • After a second week of post nasal drip and a week of coughing like a crazy person, I finally gave up and saw the doctor again in so many months. Good news was that I'm not getting bronchitis, but got prescribed a bronchodilator because I was having a little trouble breathing with stuff in the lungs, etc.
  • Monday was International Coffee Day. Didn't really partake, but I did get a free box of Wonda coffee and some sweet butter cookies thanks to MyTeksi :)
  • Backed my first Kickstarter project after being signed up for some time - the new Ostrich pillow product. Got myself the early bird pillows at $20 - whee!
  • Speaking of Ostrich Pillows, there's finally a local (Malaysian) distributor for the Original Ostrich Pillow and the Ostrich Pillow Light. Check them out here
  • Besides that, have been in the Kickstarter rabbit hole, checking out the popular projects and trying my luck in early bird backing :P
  • UberX option no longer available in the app :(