Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pseudo-review: HiShop.my

Been getting the emails from the current iteration of HiShop.my for quite some time now, but have never bitten the bullet or tempted to buy anything for the longest time (even though I had 100 store points just sitting there, because it's only worth RM1 IRL) until the recent MYCyberSale, where you get 10x points on purchases and what not. 

Had my eye on a couple of things, so I got those (to get "free" delivery) and the delivery took awhile (several days longer than possible), probably due to the public holidays and (perhaps?) the order overload they're probably getting from the sale. So my feelings on their delivery speed is just... meh. 

My order came in their signature pink box, and the items within are in good order (still in heat sealed plastic, etc). So no complaints there. 

If I had bought these items at a discount, perhaps I don't have the right to complain about the delivery speed; but these were full priced items.