Thursday, 30 October 2014

Harith Iskander: To Know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA!

Scored a pair of free tickets from Nuffnang (thanks!) through an Instagram contest. (I submitted a Demetri Martin joke almost before the contest deadline, and wasn't expecting to win the tickets until I saw the Instagram DM). As usual, my problem was finding someone to go with who's available on a Wednesday night with less than 48 hours notice. Luckily a friend that was back for a short holiday had no plans last night. 

It took at least an hour to get to the stadium from PJ, with the usual crawl on the LDP. (I know there are other routes according to Waze and Google Maps, but wasn't confident that they were any less congested). After paying the RM2 entry/parking fee to the stadium, we found decent parking near Stadium Putra.

I was hoping that there were makan options once we got there (haven't had dinner, mah) and wasn't disappointed: Burger Junkyard, espressolab, Wheeloaf had booths and/or their trucks on site. There was also a Subway right outside the stadium, but the line was out the door. The line were also pretty slow moving at the Burger Junkyard booth (they're probably grilling to order), so ended up having pastries for dinner from the Wheeloaf truck, washing it all down with non caffeinated drinks (coffee or chocolate) from espressolab. But not before finding the Nuffnangers on duty to collect tickets - so kesian they all, had to stand cos got no table or chair, haha. Just as well, if sitting was going to kill us all at some point. 

Our seats was the midrange tickets (RM128), so we had a pretty decent unobstructed view of the stage, never mind that you would be relying on the screens cos you can't make out anyone on stage, but at least they weren't the higher, nosebleed seats. Was seated next to a man with his fidgety young son (?). While waiting, of course they played all the show "trailers" and it only finally started around 9.20 p.m., which was a damn long wait even by Malaysian standards. There were about 8,100 people (out of 9,000) in attendance.

Adibah Noor came on as host, to fluff the audience and to introduce Dr Jason. His set I've heard before, but still laughed. Dr Jason then brought on Papa CJ, who's set I've also heard before, but still laughed. They each did about 15, 20 minutes. Then Harith came on and did about an hour long set, some of the bits I've heard before (bits about his family, the semi-disastrous Commonwealth Games hosting gig, etc). My question as to why there was a live band was answered in Harith's set. Got music and visuals. Was a little too tired to be really into it.

Took about half the time getting home, even after stumbling a little at the road work detour along the Bukit Jalil highway. 

All in all, the show was okay, but there was no way I would've paid to watch this even if proceeds are going to charity.