Wednesday, 22 October 2014

First Impressions: Quill City Mall

Because it was a mid week public holiday (Diwali), I finally found some time to go poke around Quill City Mall, located on Jalan Sultan Ismail. It's located down the road from Tune Hotel and there's a monorail station right outside. 

Parking is a little narrow if you're driving a non-compact car. No Fast and Furious crazy stunts allowed here. RM3 for first 2 hours is not that cheap, but it can be waived if you're an AEON cardholder (free parking even if you didn't buy anything at AEON, as I found out). 

For a mall that's just opened, I'm glad that it wasn't dusty and reeking of plaster and paint. As for the occupancy, about 1/3 of the shops are up and running, especially AEON (first downtown one). H&M is also open and the second outlet to sell their HOME line. 

The AEON here is pretty posh compared to the ones you find in the 'burbs - it's like elements from Parkson, Isetan and the rest combined into this space. 

Long story short: Unless you stay or work in the area, there's no reason to visit just yet. At least, not until the rest of the shops are up and running.