Thursday, 9 October 2014

Decléor Oressence Treatment, Tangs 1U [Groupon MY]

Redeemed this recent Groupon over the long weekend because I figured better sooner than later in securing appointments. I was pretty much the first appointment of the day. 

I've walked past this counter from outside numerous times, but I didn't know they do the (face and/or body) treatments in the space behind the counter in Tangs, which was pretty spacious.
ORESSENCE is the ultimate body treatment with a made to measure approach, working on the body’s 3 vital energy flows - cell, muscle and peace of mind. Featuring a unique combination of Essentials Oils and plant oils blended to meet the client’s needs, ORESSENCE includes a full aromatherapy body massage using an incredibly effective elixir of plant oils rich in Omega 6 & 9 and Vitamin E and the use of Hickory Wood which promotes deep relaxation, stimulation and circulation. 
The actual treatment is only 60 minutes long, so the extra 20 minutes mentioned in the deal copy is for the "consultation" portion which included filling out a couple of forms, including one that asks about your lifestyle so that they could blend the right oils for your ailments. 

Found out (the hard way) that if you're ill or on your period, they technically are not supposed to let you proceed with the treatment. I tried my best to explain my post nasal drip related cough and how my period came (really) that morning, but proceeded because I was already there and all that.. and it would mean that I would have to reschedule on a weekend, etc. 

Was brought to a (relatively) spacious room by Cadence (I'm going with usual spelling). It is technically a detox massage, which means for people with crappy pain tolerance, there is going to be some discomfort and not terribly relaxing at all. Application of the hickory sticks was used to great effect, some of the sensation akin to guasha and also acupressure.

I probably would not have paid the full RM178 price to try this out, but at least now I know.